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All-Sports Day

For you sports nuts, this is one of those rare days when you could watch an NHL (hockey) game, an NBA (basketball) game, an NFL (“American football”), an English Premier League football (“soccer”) match, and a MLB (baseball – World Series) game. So put aside your books, the yard work, any outdoor activity, your homework, […]

Elephants on the road to Gaborone

Safely arrived in Gaborone, Botswana — 470km on 3 hours sleep. 1600km in past 3 riding days — my butt is sore! Here is video of latest elephant encounter:

Climate Ride — I’m in — Thank you! And some videos 🙂

Hi All, You pushed me over the threshold in fundraising, so I am officially in the Climate Ride — thank to all my supporters. Now comes the fun/tough part 🙂 As you know, I’m good about going on adventures, not so good about documenting them. But I have been urged to do a better job. […]

Petit Emilie

What the kids are listening to in France. It is both sad (that this is such an issue) and cool (that the kids are conscious of the issue). The original (sung in French) And a lyrics-only video with English translation:

The “Happy” Phenomenom

In case you missed the memo, as somehow I did–there is a phenomenon of cities around the world making videos to Pharrell Williams’s Happy. Here is the official video. I first heard about this when I was in Saint Nazaire, France* on the Atlantic coast, where there was a film crew at the skate park. […]

Los Van Van – Jurassic 5 sampled them?

Now that Juan Formell is gone, I’m wondering if Jurassic 5 will give credit where credit is due. It sure sounds like the bass line from “This is”, the first track off of their Power in Numbers album is a sample/copy of the bass line from Los Van Van’s tune, Llegué Llegué/Guararey de Pastorita. Listen […]

BUNi Quick Change Video

Updated video:  

New Knee Ligament Discovered

On Sept. 10, 2014 I took a spill on my 36″ unicycle. It was freakish dumb luck (more on this later), and it did a real number on my knee–complete tear of ACL, sheared cartilage, and meniscus tear. Whilst lying in bed doing some research and finally learning some knee anatomy, I learned that just […]

The Problem with the U.S. World Cup uniforms

There is a problem with the U.S. team uniforms for the World Cup. Identity. As I started to prepare this post, I did a quick search and found an article in the Boston Globe entitled “The problem with America’s World Cup uniform” by Dushko Petrovich.  That article identifies the issue as being that the U.S. keeps changing […]

Origin of SpinCycle Logo

Turned upside down by Soca! Trinidad Sunday Express – February 27, 1995

UniBBall H-O-R-S-E

And now, the public premier of the unicycle basketball H-O-R-S-E video, Leyder Chapman v. Jim Sowers, featuring the music of Dos Four!

Inauguration Fete/Party/Celebration hosted by Jimbo 🙂

Greetings All, The time has finally come–I won’t elaborate here, but if you want to join in with like-minded folks who feel that the first day of Barack Obama’s presidency of these United States is something to celebrate, then please join me and my friends this Tuesday.* We will be at the Shashamane International Bar […]

The Mighty Kwinn

I have good friend that I went to high school with, Mike Kwinn, Jr.  When Mike was accepted to West Point we kidded him that he should get a round trip ticket. But not only did Mike graduate, he also met his wife Brigitte there,  and made a career in the military, eventually becoming an instructor at […]

Protected: A New Year’s Eve Alternative

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Climate Ride Day 5 — FINISHED!

Hi Gang, It was an epic day. I’m too exhausted to write it up now, but just wanted to let you know I made — just barely. Rode the entire route–no walking, over 300 miles, and had a photo shoot on the Capitol lawn! I’ll write it up in painful detail soon. Thanks to all. […]

Climate Ride Day 4 – 65 miles

Day 4 from my Climate Ride on my unicycle. 65 miles, 2750 feet of vertical climb. One brutal hill at mile 58! I rode it ALL — no walking, no stopping on the hills 🙂 Crazy hills with lots of camber & gravel. Some amazing scenic routes through farmland and forests. But also, narrow roads […]

Climate Ride Day 3 – 59 miles

Day 3 – 59 miles. Total in 3 days 168 miles on one wheel. Still hanging in there, the biggest physical challenge I’ve taken on. Within first 4 miles, I had raw skin in a very bad spot. Thankfully, medical car had some moleskin. It got me thru the day. Also, brake started rubbing on […]

Ready to Roll

Hi All, The time has come to face the music … and the road. I had the usual epic adventure just getting out here — including weather delays, and winding up in the Econo Lodge in Elizabeth, NJ. Anyway, the Climate Ride begins tomorrow. It was pretty cool going to the registration tonight and meeting […]

3 days – I Must Raise $500 to Participate!

Hi Friends, I leave for the Climate Ride next week, but only if I raise another $500 by Friday! What I didn’t mention in my initial email to you, was that each rider must raise at least $2400* in order to participate. To those of you who have donated already, THANK YOU (and I have […]

500km (310 miles), 5 days, 1 wheel! And your support 😉

Short Version: Click here: http://bike.climateride.org/participant/spincycle and kick in $10 🙂  ———————————————————– Longer Version: Hi Friends, Remember me!?  OK, so I’m not so good about sending updates to my friends (Facebook has really confused things).  But alas, I know where to go when I’m fundraising! What are you doing Jimbo? I am doing the “Climate Ride”* on a […]

Urbanathlon v. Tough Mudder

A number of people have asked me to compare Tough Mudder (TM) with Urbanathlon (UA) since I have taken part in each event.*  I’ll preface my comments by noting that I have only done each event one time, so I’m hardly an expert. Also, I believe that one’s impression of an event can vary greatly […]

Greetings from Cape Aguhlas

Arrived in Cape Agulhas, South Africa (southernmost point of the continent) after riding 630km today. Fingers still numb! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Agulhas

Greetings from the Kingdom of Swaziland

Just a quick update here, since internet time in Swaziland is a bit more dear. Continuing the stream of consciousness from my last post: After putting on a show for the students of Univ. of Botswana, and logging over 35km on my unicycle, the next day I hung out in Mokolodi Nature Reserve. I met […]

Rafting the Zambezi

Short video clip I managed to get uploaded whilst sleeping. This was one of my more intense experiences — I was quickly sucking serious water, as indicated by my burp at the end of the video 🙂 Jim (currently in Africa with limited internet access)

Moonride – Antofagasta, Chile to La Serena, Chile

Day 58 – Sunday, December 29, 1996Miles – 570 (by Jason Martin) The morning ritual, eat, then roll-start my bike. The battery is totaly dead now. Then……..the impossible was acomplished, we set the trips daily km record at 910kms, all the way from Antofagasto to La Serena. The funny thing is, we didn«t even get […]

Moonride – La Serena, Chile to Vina del Mar, Chile – Jay Turns 27

Jay Turns 27 in Chile – Happy Birthday Buddy! Day 59 – Monday, December 30, 1996   Miles – 256 (thus ending a five-day stretch of over 1800 miles (3000+ kilometers)) (by Jason Martin) Spent all morning slaving away in front of a computer at an the Internet cafe. All I have to say about […]

Siavonga, Zambia

Greetings friends, No time to write a blog — just a quick update. Friday — arrived in Kitwe in the Copperbelt. Met some really nice folks who gave me a place to stay and a ride to the border. Sunday: Drove to the DRC border. Turned away. Rode unicycle to nearest town (Chililbombwe), hitchhiked on […]

Moonride – Lima, Peru to Nasca, Peru

Day 50 – Saturday, December 21, 1996 Miles – 286 (by Jason Martin) Jim and I hit the road to Nasca, leaving the other three behind to cross the Amazon, without us. Jim has only 4 weeks left to ride all the way to Ushuaia and back up to Buenos Aires. So the moonriders decided […]

Moonride – Nasca, Peru to (somewhere near) Abancay, Peru

Day 51 – Sunday, December 22, 1996 Nasca, Peru to (somewhere near) Abancay, Peru Miles – 251 Jay was always a hit with the kids “Chains are supposed to be a little loose.” (by Jason) We were up at the crack of dawn, fuelled up and were away…….. Dave is my kind of ridding buddy, […]

Moonride – (just outside of) Abancay, Peru to Cusco, Peru

Day 52 – Monday, December 23, 1996 (just outside of) Abancay, Peru to Cusco, Peru Miles – 173 (by Jason) 80 more kms of rough dirt road, lost my licence plate Right after arriving in Abancay Jim gets a flat on the rear tire. 15 year-old tire repairman whips a patch on it in no […]

Moonride – Cusco, Peru

Day 53 – Tuesday, December 24, 1996 Cusco, Peru (by Jason Martin) Christmas Eve Day was a little tense between Jim and me, I think the separate hotel rooms were a good idea cause we may have ended up killing one another. Jim, Leanne and Dave went out for breakfast while I spent 5 hours […]

Jim and Jay’s Christmas in Cusco (or Hannukah in the Highlands) (con la policia)

Jay and I had intended to make a beeline for the tip of South America, but David and Leanne had told us that many people went to Cusco, Peru for Christmas and invited us to join them. We decided that it would be a good time and that we would still be able to finish […]

Moonride – Christmas in Cusco, Peru (continued)

Day 54 – Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, 1996 Cusco, Peru (by Jason Martin) Jay sporting his new “touque”! Not your traditional Christmas meal, but it hit the spot. Being Christmas and all, Jim and I made up and enjoyed a huge breakfast of fresh OJ, eggs, pancakes and coffee. It was outstanding! Proudly wearing […]

Moonride – Cusco, Peru to somewhere in the Andes (3 hours away from Arequipa)

Day 55 – Thursday, December 26, 1996 Miles – 223 (by Jason Martin) We were both eager to get back on the road, we decided to see “Matchu Pitchu” next time. We enjoyed a big breakfast of fruit filled pancackes, papya juice and caupichino. Jim set the blazing pace of 25kms/hr……… 😉

Moonride – Somewhere in the Peruvian Andes to Arica, Chile

Day 56 – Friday, December 27, 1996 Miles – 362 (by Jason Martin) -Up at 3:30am -Cut the travel time from 3 hours to 1 hour 50 min -Staight through Areokeepa -Cranked 300kms to Tacna without stopping I took full control at the boarder crossing, setting a blistering record time of 1 hour 20 min. […]

Moonride – Arica, Chile to Antofagasta, Chile

Day 57 – Saturday, December 28, 1996Miles – 450 (by Jason Martin) I«m not sneezing much anyway, only about 700 times a day. I know my buddy Jim is going to get tired of saying it one day, all I hear is, “bless you, bless you, bless you”. Jim washed his bike, actually he paid […]

The Z countries — Zimbabwe and Zambia!

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post.  Partly the delay is due to me getting sick, getting my bike serviced, trying to catch up on email, process and archive some photos, etc etc — but the truth is that sometimes my perfectionism causes me to procrastinate. I’ve experienced and learned a lot — […]

VIP from Ghana in San Francisco Today (Sat. Jan. 3rd)

Hi Gang! Hope y’all had a great bunch of holidaze! I hurt my knee mountain unicycling on Christmas Day, so I’ve been laying low. But yesterday, my friend Nii Oblie (aka DJ Ras Nii) called me to tell you that VIP had arrived to do a last minute show at Shattuck Down Low. So I […]

Africa II – Day 5 – Hip-hop classes

Greetings friends. First post after a crazy, jet-lagged, few days here in Cape  Town. I’ve already met musicians, dancers, helped teach Hip-Hop classes in Mitchell’s Plain township, had my credit card defrauded, and ridden my unicycle up to Table Mountain (well, to where the cable car departs from — but it’s still a helluva hike!). […]

Beach Day in Muizenberg, South Africa (Day 9)

When all else fails, head to the beach!  Lots has gone wrong on this trip, lots has gone right as well. A couple days ago it was cold and rainy, but today gorgeous sun and warmth, and my friend Emile had organized surf lessons for a group of township kids through his organization, Heal the […]

Baboons and Banks – Africa II Day 14

While I love Cape Town and have some great friends here, I’m eager to start exploring more of Africa. Sadly, the roadblock now is my credit union and getting access to my own funds to buy the “Green Mistress”. I spent the better part of yesterday on Skype and emailing in order to deal with […]

Day 22 (I think) – Jason Martin, motorcycle update, and other thoughts

Christmas was great. I had dinner with a “colored” family in Cape Flats. Yes, we in America aren’t supposed to use that term and get quite uncomfortable when we hear it. But here in South Africa, Colored means more than mixed-race, it is a distinct group of people with a distinct culture and identity, and […]

Ready to Roll in Africa — with 3 Wheels!

Picture is worth 1000 words.


Cape Town and San Francisco have a lot in common: both are beautiful cities with temperate climates; each has an island which formerly served as a prison and is now a tourist destination (Robben Island and Alcatraz); both have great a great wine country nearby; both have large gay populations; both have lots of hills; […]


What’s popular in South Africa right now? There is such a wide range of music here, the tunes I’ve selected are a very limited slice of what you would hear on the radio. Send me your thoughts/suggestions. Cabo Snoop & J.Martins – Good Tym — actually from Angola Oskito – Banne Movok Big Nuz – […]


And now the post you’ve all been waiting for, one with a picture of one of the “classic” African animals, in this case, an elephant. In three days, I rode about 800 miles (1250 kilometers) from Windhoek, Namibia to Katima Mulilo, Namibia, which is right on the border with Zambia, separated by the Zambezi River. […]


“Lord Polonius: What do you read, my lord? Hamlet: Words, words, words.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet Greetings from Johannesburg (metro area), South Africa! When I rode a motorcycle from San Francisco to the tip of South America (1996-97) we blogged–before the word “blog” existed. I hand coded html, and my friends David and Gary edited photos from […]


Dear Friends, I’m back in the USA after a return trip almost as epic as my Africa adventures: Arrived at Cape Town airport 3 hours before flight (3pm, Tues. April 3) 9-hour flight to Dubai 3-hour layover in Dubai 16-hour flight from Dubai to Los Angeles 2 hours to clear immigration, customs, and get a […]


Hi All, I’m alive and well. Sorry (esp. to my family who worry when I don’t check in), for taking so long to write. Namibia has “decent” internet, but I just haven’t been at the right spots to connect. Then I bought some air time using MTC’s product NetMan which turned out to be a […]


It’s nearly 11pm in Windhoek, Namibia. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I try to put the best spin on my travel missives, but I’ll be honest: Africa isn’t easy–especially when you do it by yourself on a motorcycle. Rare is the day that I am not dealing with some issue around mechanical, technical, logistical, money, […]

First Stop – Cederberg Oasis!

Latest blog entry. http://www.spincycle.org/road/ I’ve safely arrived at the Cederberg Oasis. First time riding on gravel with a loaded bike in a loooooooong time 🙂 Best, Jim (currently on Africa II cultural safari)


After nearly a month, I’m on the road! I left this morning from my friends’ place in Cape Town. (A big thank you to Chris & Tamlyn — more about them later). I was packing, sorting, repacking, filtering, right up until the last minute. Didn’t pull out of the driveway until 11:11 am (kiss your […]

Day 1 – It’s all good

First day in Cape Town — jetlagged, riding a Vespa (4-speed) for first time in my life — this one has no horn, no front brake, and isn’t licensed. I have a close call 🙂 Notice the shoes at the beginning, so you know it’s me 😉  

Day 11 – Bought a Motorcycle (“The Green Mistress”)

It’s late here (well, 11pm, but I have been waking up at the crack of dawn as the South African suns bursts through my bedroom window each morning), and I’m dragging a bit. Tomorrow I have a big MUni (mountain unicycle) ride in the Tokai forest organized by my new South African uni friends. I’m excited, […]

Africa II – West Coast – Missive 1

Greetings Friends, It’s been some time since I wrote to you on this list. Here is what is happening, after 10 long years since my solo motorcycle ride from Cape Town to Dublin (yep, it was amazing), I am heading back to Africa. I am writing this at SFO as I wait for the first […]

Alternative to Decomp – today with SpinCycle at an urban farm

Hi Friends, Not sure when I wrote last — to busy “doing” to be writing; I know, that’s bad, I should be blogging more 🙂 Anyway, today is 10-10-10. Lots going on in the bay area including the infamous Burning Man Decompression party. If you want to attend something a little greener and funkier, Hayes […]

Tonight’s Schedule for Unicycle Basketball Championships (and Tomorrow’s cool SF events)

Quick update from UGames (North American Unicycle Championship and Convention 2010). We weren’t able to complete all the games yesterday, so there will be two semi-final games starting around 7:30pm (more or less). Those games should finish by 8:30pm. Then there will be a short game for 3rd place, and the Championship game should start by […]

Happy New Year from New Zealand

Hi All, Happy New year from New Zealand, which happened here about 18 hours ago, and will happen for my California friends about 2 hours from the time I send this email. I am at Unicon — the World Unicycle Championships — 650 competitors, 24 countries*. The internet situation has been spotty, so I haven’t been able to update […]

Unicycle basketball exhibition, FREE – Tuesday June 22

Tuesday (tomorrow, June. 22), the Berkeley Revolution Unicycle Basketball team will be having a FREE exhibition game at Piedmont Middle School.  Game is at 8:00 PM, doors open at 7:30. Come see us as we prepare for next month’s national championships! Piedmont Middle School is at 740 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont, CA. Map: http://bit.ly/a4PIpD Bring the kids, […]

The Puerto Ricans (Boricuas) are Here!

Hi Gang, As most of you know, for the past four years, I’ve been steeped in unicycling (and neglecting dancing a bit). This has led to better health, strong thighs, and scarred shins 🙂  And to second place at the World Championships in New Zealand.  But alas, even our second place had an asterisk because […]

3 things in 3 days

TONIGHT, THURSDAY May 6 My brother Terry is playing at the New Parish in Oakland tonight! My Role: I’m his brother 🙂     TOMORROW – FRIDAY May, 7 King & Queen Competition for SF Carnaval Details here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=117423671617219 My Role: Co-MC SAT. May 8 World Percussion Festival in Oakland! Details here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=115603598469027&ref=ts My Role: Taking the […]

Berkeley Revolution on KQED + Tomi Seon

Hi All, Something fun, and something serious. The fun thing is that our unicycle basketball team (the Berkeley Revolution) will be featured on the California Report today (Friday, Dec. 18). For those in the Bay Area, it will be on KQED at 4:30pm, 6:30pm, and 11pm. For those of you elsewhere in California (and part of Oregon), the listing […]

Marlon’s Birth – April 21

Hello All, Some of you on this list were friends with Marlon Mayorga, a good friend and a good soul, who we lost last year to a bullet from an unknown assailant. Ironically, Marlon passed away just one week after his birthday. A number of people have asked if I had been planning anything for the anniversary of Marlon’s […]

Game on! Friday, March 5

Hi Gang, Team Revolution is back from the World Championships in New Zealand where we did the USA proud.  We didn’t win, but we got the Silver (2nd place), and were undefeated for 8 straight games before having our first real challenge, which unfortunately came in the finals against a very strong, and very experienced […]

Semi-finals and Finals today

Yesterday we won all our games, including a quarter-final match against the other USA team (the Revolution #9). Sad to take out our compatriots. Getting ready for our Semi-final match against the Swiss team at 9am NZ time. The other Semi is between the two French teams (one of whom we beat). Winners meet at […]

One more update from New Zealand

I know, I know–you never hear from me, and now you’re getting 4 emails in a week. There may be one or two more, then it will be back to low frequency. Today was the “MUni” part of Unicon — which stands for Mountain Unicycle. The local TV news team spotted me wearing a helmet cam, and asked if […]

Berkeley Revolution — Silver Medalists

OK, so I’m putting a good spin on this. WOOM beat us in the finals. The crowd was with us, but we started poorly. We made poor passes and they drove hard to the basket quickly. They were up 30-8 at one point. And trust me, they weren’t letting up. They were trying to bury us; but […]

Berkeley Revolution in the Finals!

The world championship of unicycle basketball will take place in about 90 minutes (2pm New Zealand time) between the Berkeley Revolution (USA) and WOOM (France). Both teams are undefeated and it should prove a good game. Jim

Windy Welly – Revolution is 3-0

Hi All, As I type this, gale force winds whistle outside. Wellington is a crazy place for weather — four seasons in a day — from hot, to wet, to cold, to windy! After several days of other unicycle events and scoping out the competition, the unicycle basketball portion has begun. The Puerto Ricans did not send a […]

Tonight (May 15) and Tomorrow (May 16)

Hi Friends, Yet another last minute announcement from me about some events this weekend.  Of course, most of you on this list know about both of the Friday events as they are being very well publicized. Benefit for Marlon Mayorga – Friday 7pm – Jelly’s Cafe Tonight there is a benefit at Jelly’s Cafe in […]

Exhibition Game for our Family, Friends, and new Fans

Hi All, I’m only giving a you a few days notice, but it is a little more than I usually do. This Friday, Dec. 11th, at 7:30pm we will be playing an exhibition unicycle basketball game in Berkeley for our family, friends, and fans to see us off before we leave for New Zealand to compete in […]

Big Game week featuring Cal v. Stanford…in Unicycle Basketball!

Hi Friends, What is up with Jimbo you may ask?  Well, lots!  But, per usual, I tend to “do” rather than write about it.  A little DJing, a little dancing, a little double dutch. And, many of you know that I have become passionate about unicycling generally, and unicycle basketball in particular.  So much so, […]

Protected: My cell phone is 415-449-1434

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Warholesque fame – East Bay Express, etc.

Hi Gang, Sorry I’ve been out of touch. I’m writing to tell you about my 15 minutes* of East Bay fame. Our unicycle basketball team was the cover story on this past week’s East Bay Express (the free weekly magazine for the east part of the San Francisco Bay Area). http://www.eastbayexpress.com/news/fast_break/Content?oid=1194808 You can also see a couple of […]

July 5th Angel Island – All Day Bike/Hike Excursion!

Hi Friends, For those of you who are local, I have decided to organize a fun excursion on July 5–which happens to be my birthday and the birthday of several of my friends, including Tom Holub. Last year, Tom organized a Mountain Unicycle ride on our birthday, so this year, he is letting me take […]

July 4th Party

Hi Friends, It has been a long time since I threw a party, so I have decided to throw a Pan-African dance party on my birthday this year!  It will be at the Shashamane Bar and Grill, which is a very nice Ethiopian restaurant (so if you want to come early to eat, that would be a good option).  […]

Email re Marlon — Services are Sunday May 3rd

Hi Friends, Very briefly, the viewing on Sunday for Marlon Mayorga will be followed by services there. (I misspoke earlier–there will NOT be a funeral on a separate day.  There will be a memorial service with music and dancing on Monday.)  Thus, Sunday is the time to say your goodbyes. The viewing begins on: Sunday May […]

Services for Marlon Mayorga

Dear Friends, It seems that lately I use this list as often to announce tragedies as anything else 🙁  Perhaps that is the cost of having a wide circle of friends.  No doubt many of you on this list did not know Marlon Mayorga, and to you  I apologize but this list is the most […]

Roar’s Google Group “Roar_Power”

Hi All, This is the last time I will use this list regarding Roar, as I have created a Google group called “Roar_Power” for the purpose of allowing people to be updated and disseminate important information, and ultimately for Roar to use to keep us updated and call on us when needed. If you are […]

Free Party Tonight + Wikipedia + Eco Font

My “Riddim Bruddah” Bobby (Robert) Wallace is hosting a Free party tonight.  I’ll be spinning.  The invite is below.  If you’re not interested please skip to the bottom to read my comments about Wikipedia. Here is the invite from Robert: “On Saturday, January 10, 2009, I am hosting my annual Student Appreciation Party.  This is a […]

Our Friend Roar Kilaas is in the hospital

Hi Friends, As you know, I mostly use this list as an overly-upbeat message board about events and occasionally my thoughts on something. There have been times, however, when I have used this list to share bad or urgent news. This is one of the costs of having a life rich with good friends. Last […]

The Kennedy Center, Double Dutch, DJ Obroni, Movies and Journalists Shoes

Greetings Friends, As you know by now, I am not your typical lawyer. (I really need to have a video camera implanted in my head 😉 Anyway, here are a few of the brighter moments of the past few weeks. Rebeca Mauleon plays the Kennedy Center Rebeca Mauleon is a client and a close friend.  So, […]

Inauguration Fete/Party/Celebration/Hoedown! Jan. 20, 2009

Greetings Friends, (I hesitate to use that salutation as it sounds eerily similar to McCain’s “My friends”) Mark your calendars, and clear the decks of all prior commitments and excuses, line up your babysitters, call in sick the next morning, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, we are going to CELEBRATE the first day that we have […]

Hillbilly Hoedown Tonight! (Sat. Nov. 15) + other stuff

Hello All, First, thank you for all of your responses to my email on election night. I tried to respond to everyone. Whew, I’m catching my breath from my Double Dutch class this morning! Yep, performing with the kids next month. Video to follow. Second, this is a very last minute notice about a gig […]

One Story From This Historic Night

Dear Friends,It seems that just when I start to lose faith, to allow cynicism to get the better of me, the American people–my people–show me their collective wisdom. Tonight, Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America: convincingly. An African-American lawyer friend invited me to her house to watch […]

Protected: My Historic Photo – It’s Your Turn

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Taste of Dominican Republic + BJUF

Hi Gang, Many of you complain to me about not doing a better of job of sharing my excursions, i.e., sharing some photos, videos, and tales.  I admit it–I’m better at living them than documenting.  Nevertheless, I did make more of an effort last week, and here are a few  photos (and quick video in […]

Greetings from Dominican Republic

Greetings Friends, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get to DR–home of so much music I love: Bachata, Merengue, y mas.  I am staying in Boca Chica, just 20 miles from the capital, and the oldest city in the Americas, Santo Domingo.  For a computer & travel nerd like me, this […]

A Gig (tomorrow!), A Video, A Cartoon

Greetings Friends, I’m not going to talk politics in this email or about putting lipstick on pigs. Just three things. 1. My friend Rachel Davidman is having a birthday party at Zza’s Enoteca 550 Grand Ave, Oakland on Friday (that is tomorrow night). It starts at 9:30pm — but don’t show up too late because […]

Apologies — SpinCycle not @ Shashamane this month

Sorry Gang but I just learned that Club Shashamane has another DJ doing every “3rd Sat.” of the month. Somehow the new guy confused himself and others into thinking that this Sat. is the “3rd Sat.” of the month. Since the guy has been promoting the hell out of it (with flyers that read “every […]

Sat. @ Shashamane; Kids; Dance of Ossetia; Blogging etc.

Hi Gang, SpinCycle @ Shashamane, Sat. Aug. 23rd. In case you’re in town this weekend, I’ll be playing at a nice little club on Broadway in Oakland called Shashamane. \SHAW SHA MAH NEE\. Shashamane is named after a small town in Ethiopia in which HIM (His Imperial Majesty) Haile Salassie gave land to Jamaican Rastafarians, and that community […]

Caxixi DVD Release and World Rhythms Dance Party! – Sat. July 12th

Hi Friends, Thanks to all of you who donated to Friends 4 Michael foundation (tax-deductible by the way).  Tomorrow (Sat.) I will be DJing my long-time friend’s DVD release party.  Should be a great time and hope to see many of you there.  Below is Bobby’s announcement of the party.  Oh yeah, it’s FREE 😉 […]

Birthday Wish and Thoughts

Hi Friends, Thanks to all of you who reached out to me on my birthday. (I’m a firecracker with a slow fuse — July 5th). I have one wish this year: that each of you who can, will donate $5 to Friends4Michael http://www.friends4michael.org/donations.htm Friends 4 Michael was started by a close high-school friend of mine […]

I need real dancers for a Virtual Dance party this Sat. – Monterey

Hi Friends, Just on the heels of my unicycle race, I am DJing a dance party in a virtual world called VideoRanch which is operated by Michael Nesmith (yes, of Monkee fame; and Elephant Parts, and creator of MTV, etc.)  I have been working with Michael and his partner for some time now, but have […]

We Did It!

Hi Friends, Just a very brief note: Team Yam Power completed the 800km race across Nova Scotia.  It was amazing: we survived rain, food poisoning (or something), cramps, some pretty narrow roads, exhaustion, bug bites, and more — and made a lot of friends along the way. More later, but just wanted to check in […]

Off to the Races

Hi Friends,My team will be starting in a 500 mile unicycle race across Nova Scotia in a little over 8 hours.  Despite the best of intentions, I have not been blogging about the race thus far.  Sometimes the most incredible adventures cannot be documented real time–you’re too busy in the moment of living them, to […]

Music & Microfinance

Hello All, Short Version: We need your vote: http://ideablob.com/ideas/2252-Tune-Your-World-Music-Micro The company I have been working with in various capacities for the past 3 years is up to something new and needs your support. Forwarded email from Calabash Music: “You can help change the Way the World Finances Music. Calabash Music  is developing a musicians’ microfinance platform at www.tuneyourworld.com — […]

Joe Aytch 1955-2008

Dear Friends,This is the kind of email that I must send from time to time.  Part of the price of a rich life, of having close friends and loved ones, is saying goodbye when they leave this earth and sharing in the sorrow of the loss. I’ll be brief.  In Feb. 2003, my friend Joe […]

Reminder: SpinCycle Party Next Friday – May 23rd

I don’t do Evites — the one piece of technology I haven’t adopted.  I’m waiting for Google to acquire them, so the invitation date will be automatically added to my calendar 🙂 So this is your invite. No fancy flyer or graphics either — just the necessary text (like a Google search page). I hope […]

Sat. May 10; Unicycling; Carnival/Carnaval

Greetings Friends, Yes, yes, I’m long overdue.  So what have I been up to lately?  DJing a lot–but mostly private gigs, so couldn’t really invite y’all 🙁 Anyway, three things to tell you about: 1. Sat. May 10 Pena Panchamama I’ll be playing tomorrow night at a big Fogo Na Roupa party at http://www.penapachamama.com/.  Live Brazilian […]

Dance Party – This Sat. Jan. 12 – FREE 😉

Greetings and Salutations Friends! <Insert appropriate holiday/new year well wishing here!> Yes, yes — I owe you all an update.  I’ve decided to do it at the beginning of February — after you’ve had time to digest everyone else’s year-end missives. Anyway, I will be spinning music for a free party hosted by my old […]

Engineers Without Borders, Email update, etc.

Hi Gang, SFARI ’07 Per usual, I’m sending you a last-minute announcement about a gig I will be doing tomorrow night.  Engineers Without Borders (http://www.ewb-sfp.org/) is having their annual event at 111 Minna in San Francisco.  Details are at  http://www.sfari2007.eventbrite.com/  (Starts at 5pm) I did this event last year, and it was a lot of fun.  Also, […]

Fogo Party, Music Clinic, Retirement

THREE THINGS: 1. This is a last minute invite to those of you who looking for a fun night in San Francisco on Saturday, June 30 . Fogo Na Roupa http://www.gofogo.com/ are the Grand Champions of this Year’s Carnaval San Francisco, and they will be having a party at Pena Pachamama.  (SpinCycle will be spinning, and jumping, […]

Missed Gigs, Thieves, and What’s Important

Greetings Friends! I’m sitting at home at home at 9:45 waiting for a police technician to arrive and take fingerprints; not of me, of whoever broke into my house this sweltering afternoon. But before I get to that, I want to apologize for not letting you know about a great pre-Carnaval [Carnival] party I DJed […]

SpinCycle Missive #431

Hi Gang, Long time no write!  Here’s a brief update on what’s been and what will be. Carnval King & Queen Competition – March 31, 2007  This Saturday is the annual San Francisco Carnaval [Carnival] King & Queen Competition!  $500 First Prize. As a former King, I get to help M.C. (my theme this year […]

Photos — The Right Balance

This past week, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend, Marlon Mayorga. We had been close friends from practically the moment we met over 10 years ago. As I went through old photos to find pictures of Marlon to put online, I discovered that, while we had spent a lot of time together, […]

Umpiring Baseball v. Being a Justice

I remember when Justice Roberts first made his analogy that being a Supreme Court Justice was like being an umpire, suggesting that he didn’t make the rules he just applied them. I was amazed and deeply disappointed that none of the Senators had the brains or the balls to take on that analogy. I never […]

Qualifying for the Ride The Lobster!

If you are not a unicyclist, you are probably scratching your head asking, What the heck is “Ride the Lobster”?! Well, the name is a little deceiving. It is the first ever, multi-day unicycle race–effectively the “Tour de France” of unicycling. (Note: I will refer to the event as “RTL” going forward). RTL Overview The […]

Ironies of Google Docs & Spreadsheets ("GDS")

I have to harp a bit about GDS (Google Docs & Spreadsheets – http://docs.google.com/). Now, don’t get me wrong, I love online services. I’ve been the earliest of early adopters, sometimes to my chagrin*. In fact, when I rode my motorcycle on my first big trip to South America with 4 friends (www.moonride.org) I suggested […]

Beginner Beginner Salsa Class – Starts Jan. 22

Greetings Friends. I hope that 2007 is finding you well.  I’m kicking off 2007 by teaching beginner beginner salsa class at the Total Rhythm School of World Percussion (www.totalrhythm.com ). What is “beginner beginner”?  It is a class for people who in their hearts really want to learn salsa, but believe that they can’t (because they […]

SpinCycle in the Metaverse — This Friday

OK, per usual, I owe lots of people emails; I’m a horrible procrastinator (at times), and there’s lot to report.  (I just got back from MIDEM — world’s biggest music conference in Cannes, France — not as glorious as it sounds, but still pretty fun. Photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimbosowers/sets/72157594508640235/ ).  Anyway, the IMMEDIATE thing I’m writing to you […]

SpinCycle — Sunday – Calabash/EFF Mixer, etc.

Hi Gang, A few quick notes: 1. EFF and Calabash Music Mixer at Little Baobab, November 5, Sunday, 8pm http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/archives/004960.php I’ll being DJing this Sunday at Little Baobab ( 3388 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110) It starts a little early 8pm, so that we can host a mixer between Calabash Music (www.CalabashMusic.com), represented by […]

In Defense of Zidane

I’ve had a little time to digest Zidane headbutt (“coup de boule”) situation, and the various responses to and analyses of it. The general consensus seems to be that Zidane made a mistake, that he’s human, that no matter what Materazzi said, Zidane’s response was wrong. I disagree. Moreover, I have heard very little discussion […]

Passing of a Friend – Carlos Aceituno

The past week the Bay Area lost one of it’s cultural pillars, Carlos Aceituno, who was only 45. These kinds of comments get tossed around fairly often, and I try not to be a person of hyperbole, but Carlos directly touched more peoples lives in introducing them to drum, dance, capoeira, carnaval/carnival, than any person […]

Celebration of Life for Carlos

Hi Friends, This event just came together capping off over a week of events for Carlos, and it is tonight!  If you are in the Bay Area, this will be the best $5 you ever spend — lots of dance performances (and some good DJs too 🙂 Jim (SpinCycle)  

Come down to Little Baobab

Greetings Friends, I just left the ceremony for Carlos Aceituno at the Malonga Center today in Oakland.  I can’t even begin to describe it–over 1000 drummers, dancers, capoeiristas!!  What a tribute! I had to leave to get prepared for my DJ gig here in the city, because they asked me to start at 9pm. So […]

Services for Carlos Aceituno

To those on my list who are out of town, forgive me, however I have had many many people asking me for these details, so I’m using my SpinCycle list to pass them on. — jim Carlos Gilberto Aceituno Sunrise: April 9, 1961 Sunset: Sept. 27, 2006 Chapel of the Chimes 32992 Mission Boulevard Hayward, […]

SpinCycle at Little Baobab this Sunday 10pm – Dedicated to Carlos Aceituno

Hello Friends, This is a hastily written email, written in great sadness, because the Carnaval community of San Francisco has lost one of its pillars, Carlos Aceituno. Carlos passed away last night very unexpectedly. Carlos was the leader of Fogo Na Roupa; he was a Maestre of capoeira; a percussionist; a dancer; a teacher; a friend […]

Burning Man, Lifetime Learning

Greetings Friends, First, the usual pardons to all those I owe emails (Chris, Mani, etc.!!).  The bad news is, I will be missing the wedding of my Caribbean brother in Trinidad (congrats Warren Steuart). The good news is I will be at Burning Man again this year providing an oasis of Caribbean/Latin/African music.  Gooferville has […]

SpinCycle Party – Friday, August 4th – Retox

Hi Friends, This Friday, party in San Francisco with me.  9pm.  NO COVER! I’ve been in a bit of a funk of late, so it seemed like a SpinCycle party was long overdue.  Music and dance are my Prozac. If you can, please come out and see me, dance a bit, and have a drink […]

Sierra Nevada “World” Music Festival, World Cup notes, and DANCE VIDEOS

SNWMF Went to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival last weekend which is a bit of a misnomer since it is neither in the Sierra Nevadas (although it used to be) and it is really a reggae festival and a roots reggae festival at that. Yes, they did have an African night at which Baaba Maal headlined. Then there […]

Ghana Gana! (Spanish for Ghana Wins!)

Today, Ghana beat US in a World Cup match 2-1. Let me start off by saying that some interpretted my earlier post to indicate that I preferred Ghana to win over the U.S. That was not the case, and in fact, as I watched the game, I found myself being a much more aggressive US […]

SpinCycle on Football (Soccer) as in Copa Mundial

OK, my turn to chime in on the copa mundial. No, I’m not rooting for Brazil. There I said it. It seems to me everyone I know who has been to Brazil, who owns a Brazilian CD, knows a Brazilian, or can find Rio on a map is rooting for Brazil. I guess everyone wants […]

Ghana Gana! (Spanish for Ghana Wins!)

Today, Ghana beat US in a World Cup match 2-1. Let me start off by saying that some interpretted my earlier post to indicate that I preferred Ghana to win over the U.S. That was not the case, and in fact, as I watched the game, I found myself being a much more aggressive US […]

Biketopia – Salsuni!

The “Dabbler” and I did the first ever (we think) Salsa-on-a-unicycle (“Salsuni”) performance at Biketopia last night. It was a little rough, but very well received 🙂 at The Venue, 420 14th Street, Oakland, CA.  I went from there straight to East Bay Bike Party! which started at the Frank Ogawa Plaza –– what a […]

San Francisco Carnaval is Here!

Greetings Friends! Carnival/Carnaval in San Francisco has arrived! If ever there was a time that I wish I could clone myself, now is it! There are so many events happening this weekend, aside from the Parade which is down Mission street on Sunday morning, that I can only list a few. (As for me, much […]

San Francisco King and Queen Competition 2006

Hi Gang, I know many of you are not in the Bay Area, but if you are, the way we kick off our Carnaval is with a King and Queen Competition (and to my West Indian friends, yes, we spell it Carnaval here rather than Carnival).  I’ve been asked to forward the details are below.  This year […]

Get Some Rhythm in Oakland

Hi Friends, First, apologies to everyone I haven’t written back to yet.  Also, thanks to all of you who read and responded regarding the passing of my grandmother. Two quick announcements for this weekend. 1. TotalRhythm in Oakland If you want to take a FUN fitness class, where you get to move around and beat […]

Sila & The Afro Funk Experience (& DJ Jeremiah) this Friday (and DJ Omar on Sat.)

Hi Friends, Lately I’ve gotten a number of emails asking me why I’m not DJing as much, why I’m not putting out the word about other events as much, and generally where is the SpinCycle email list heading!?  All fair questions: and I’ll provide you a response.  The short answer is that I have had […]


Greetings Friends! Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There is a tie in here to Haiti. Shamless Promotion: At the end of this story, yes, I am going to recommend some music for you to buy. If you want to skip my long story and just go buy some great Haitian music from […]

Wed. Dec. 14 at Duplex, and other random stuff

Hi Friends, Back in the day, if you were playing a gig, you would work through your little black book and call all of your friends to spread the word.  You might even splurge and get a flyer (black and white) printed. Well, guess what — I’m sitting in bed in my underwear (yeah, I […]

Dancing in the Sun – Joann Diaz

Greetings Friends, My emails are usually upbeat and enthusiastic announcements of events that will be or have been involved with. I rarely pass on sad news unless there is some associated event/benefit. I have generally treated the SpinCycle group as being one for announcing cultural events and information that would be of interest to the […]

YAKF, Little Baobab Redux, The Burn

Greetings Friends, First, the YAKF in the subject line stands for Yet Another Katrina Fundraiser. Honestly, I think it is outstanding that so many people have put in so much effort to help the people of New Orleans, especially in the Bay Area. Still, I have been overwhelmed with the number of ‘benefits/fundraisers’ that I […]

This Friday: GOOFERVILLE PreParty: GOOFERMAN, CHUB, Evolution Control Committee + star DJs

Greetings Friends, Well, it’s another fundraiser this Friday. Yes yes, everything is fundraiser these days, I know.  But here is the deal–the good folks at the Gooferville camp of Burning Man have asked me to play music every afternoon out at the BM!  That’s a mighty fine compliment as their crew has some pretty talented […]

Short Notice Notice 🙂 Sun. Aug. 7th Lil Baobab + Burning Man, etc

Hi Friends, I’ve been out of touch for a while but not for lack of activity. Just got back from a trip to Boston/New York where I DJed a Ugandan party in Waltham, MA (big shout to DJs Kato and Bernard), and a gig in Lewiston, Maine with an African friend (long story 🙂 Aug. […]

One Last Reminder – Two FUNdraisers this weekend

Yes, we put the FUN in Fundraiser 🙂 I can’t help myself — I love bad puns! 1. Saturday Night Anyway, some really great DJs have volunteered for Saturday night’s gig at the Oasis in Oakland — we’ll have African, Caribbean, and Latin music! Details are one click away: http://www.spincycle.org/events/DJs_for_Darfur.jpg 2. Sunday Afternoon There will be a […]

Recife/Olinda Report + Tues. Feb. 22 – Little Baobab + Fri. 25 – Amnesia!

Hi Friends, First and foremost, I’ll be at Little Baobab tomorrow night (Tuesday, Feb. 22) starting around 9:30 or 10pm.  I’ll be playing my usual Afro-Ritmo mix including the latest from Recife/Olinda — hoping to have a projector to show some videos as well. Link to details about Little Baobab : http://www.bissapbaobab.com/ Second, I will […]

2 events for Darfur this weekend (and SpinCycle’s Birthday) – pass this on!

Greetings Friends, Yes, I’ve been off the radar for a while — introverting a bit, and studying podcasting 🙂 This weekend I’ll be involved with two events to raise money to help the people of Darfur, Sudan (one of which is also my birthday celebration).  Please come to either or both, and pass the word […]

5 things for 05-05-05!

1. Beginner Salsa Classes! 4-Week series starting Thursday May 5th 7:00- 8:00 pm ,in the lovely Lake Merritt district of Oakland Pitts Martial Arts Studio 3298 Lakeshore Ave. No partner necessary. 4 class series/$50 Flyer at www.spincycle.org/salsa/salsa_flyer.pdf 2. My last day of work! I’ve been General Counsel at OnVantage.com for the past four years, but I […]

Email #2 — Tomorrow night — 36-9 RENEGADE LOUNGE @ Mighty

OK, don’t freak out and unsubscribe, I know this is the third email this week — just having a busy week. By the way, last night at Little Baobab, I did the Putumayo CD release party, and there was something in the air.  People showed up to party!  My original salsa/rueda teacher, Russ Hamer, showed […]

Salsa for Beginners at Last! May 5, 2005

Hi Friends, Salsa Lessons for Beginners is here!    At long last I’m returning to salsa teaching, this time with a class focused on beginners — people who, like me at one time, think they will never get the steps/beat.  This is partly in response to some close Ethiopian friends who have been asking me to […]

Putumayo CD Release Party at Bissap – Tuesday, April 26th

Putumayo World Music CD Release Party Tuesday April, 26th @ 8pm Little Baobab • 3388 19th Street • San Francisco 415.643.3558 Complimentary West African Appetizers & Drink Specials from 8-9pm Featuring DJ SpinCycle

Tues night at Little Baobab – March 29.

Hi Friends, Just a very quick reminder that I will be spinning at Little Baobab tomorrow night (or tonight, depending on when you open this email). 3388 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110   Tel. 415.643.3558 Mon. – Sat. 6pm – 2am Drop by and say hi. I think they charge $2 at the door. Bring me […]

Last Minute Details

Hello All, A bunch of people wrote back asking for more details about the King & Queen contest tonight (no one wants to follow links anymore 🙂 So here it is: Time: 8:00pm – 1am Date: Sat. March 26 – TONIGHT Place: Patio Español, 2850 Alemany Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94112 Map: http://www.patioespanol.com/map.htm Price: $15 […]

San Francisco King & Queen Competition – March 26, 2005

Hi Gang, So there are basically three types of people who are receiving this email. 1. Those of you who would love to see this year’s San Francisco King & Queen of Carnaval competition, who had not yet heard about it, and who live close enough to do so! 2. The people who are scattered […]

SpinCycle does Salsa (and Skista) in Seattle

Greetings Friends! [Note I wrote this last week but forgot to send it out.] I just flew in from Seattle and boy are my arms tired!  Sorry, every once in a while I need to throw in a really corny joke 🙂 The last time I was in Seattle, I was a guest DJ at […]

Lost Messages – Report from Recife

Greetings Friends! I am in Recife \HAY SEE FAY\, Brazil where I have spent the past two weeks enjoying the unique mix of music and dance of the Northeast of Brazil — styles like Frevo and Maracatu, and dances such as the Coco and Ciranda. Before I give any more detail, and possibly lose some […]

Last Stand @ Little Baobab – This Sat. Dec. 4

Hi Friends, After a long run, I’m DJing my last Saturday gig at Little Baobab!  It’s been a great run, and I’ve met a lot of great SpinCycle fans along the way, so come celebrate this Saturday — 10 – 1:30am I’ve got some great new music from South Africa, Sengal, Uganda, and some funky […]

Wed. Nov. 24th – SpinCycle & SoulSalaam in Oaktown – Zuna Lounge

Greetings Friends, First, please note my new email address: jimbo@www.spincycle.org!!!! Well, I’m giving last minute notice per usual.  This time it’s “Zuna Lounge”  with my friend SoulSalaam. Soul has asked me to do a guest gig with him at a new club in Oakland called @17th, just a stone’s throw from my house.  I checked […]

Sat. Nov. 6 – SpinCycle at Baobab – back from MAINE

Hi Gang, I’ll be at Baobab tomorrow night (Sat.) — sorry for the usual short notice!  Details about the club are at http://www.bissapbaobab.com/ I have some great new music I just brought back from Maine — YES! Read on. I just returned from a trip to New York and MAINE where I was reunited with […]

SpinCycle @ Rassela’s on Friday and other stuff.

1. BISSO NA BISSO PRODUCTIONs – Fiesta A unique night of celebration with African music: Makossa, Mapuka, Ndombolo, Soukous, South African Musiki.  Also Salsa, Reggae, Zouk Love , Hip Hop, Samba etc…will be explored. All for only $5 at the door. WHERE: 1534 Fillmore @ Geary at the RASSELA’s JAZZ CLUB in San Francisco http://www.rasselasjazzclub.com/ […]

A Gig, A Friend, A Plug

Hi All, Yes, yes, I still need to give you the post-Burning Man report — I’m waiting for some pictures before I send it out. Three things: 1. The GIG — Dancers for Democracy An all-day thing this Sunday at Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street in San Francisco. The event is called Dancers for […]

Chondo.net launch (and Seattle Adventures)

Yes, yes, no emails in a month, and then two in one day. This is an important one.  There is a new online music service, Chondo.net,  that has just been launched by a new friend of mine, Mike Eastman, an African-American businessman who has a great interest in the various popular forms of music and […]

SpinCycle @ BurningMan, African Slideshow

Greetings Friends! I will be unusually brief because I am heading out to Burning Man www.BurningMan.com today — for the first time ever.  I’m not sure what to expect, but there will be at least one pocket of African rhythm emanating from SpinCycle!  I’m with a great and wacky group of friends at the Gooferville […]

African Rhythm Ride: This Sat. July 24th! Presentation and Dance Party

OK my friends, I hope to see you all this Saturday night!  Feel free to invite your friends. July 24, 7:30pm sharp – African Rhythm Ride — Multimedia Presentation/Lecture and Dance Party! It has taken me 3 long years to get around to doing this, but I’m finally going to take people on a tour […]

Kids, Hotmail, and Corrections

Yes – KIDS are welcome to the “rhythm ride” event on July 24th — they usually ask the best quesitons 🙂 Apparently Hotmail blocks Yahoo! Group announcements, as some of you did not get the previous email.  If you have a hotmail account and you receive this messag–please ping me back, so that I can […]

Birthdays & Calendar

Greetings Friends! I’m not sure where to start!  I was on the radio with Emmanuel Nado on Monday and we had a great time playing African music and talking about my travels.  Thanks Emmanuel for inviting me on your show! Next, a belated happy Canada Day (July 1) to my Canadian friends!  Yes, some of […]

Cuban Dance show this weekend at Dance Mission (San Francisco)

Hello All, A quick announcement for the dance company of my friend Ramon Ramos (with whom I used to dance). He is doing shows this weekend and the weekend of Feb. 27 in celebration of Black History Month here in the U.S. I know lots of you are in Trinidad and Brazil celebrating Carni(a)val – […]

SpinCycle on KKUP today!

Hi Friends, This is a very last minute announcment. I am scheduled to be on KKUP http://www.kkup.com/ , a small radio station in Cupertino, CA today (June 28th) sometime between 4-6pm PST. The show is called Echoes of Africa, hosted by Emmanuel Nado, an old DJ friend of mine who has been doing this show […]

Little Baobab tonight – Sat. June 5th

I’ll be back at Little Baobab tonight (Sat.) after taking last month off (3388 19th Street at Mission in San Francisco  http://www.bissapbaobab.com/ ) The usual unusual African Diaspora mix!  Sorry for the late notice 🙂 Jimbo (aka SpinCycle) SpinCycle™ Productions

Kiddies Carnival, Brenda Fassie of South Africa, and other notes.

Greetings Friends, I’m in a bit of a reflective mood.  I often find myself agonizing when I write these emails — trying make them not too long and boring for those not interested in some of the topics I might be musing about (typically music of the world), and yet wanting to add enough detail […]

Greetings from the Big Easy (New Orleans!)

Hi Friends,I am down here in (rainy) New A’wlins for the Jazz Fest. To read a bit about what is going on down here see www.offbeat.com Anyway, I’m on a borrowed computer right now, but I promised my buddies DJs Noisex and WaltDigz to get the word out about El Sotano — which has moved […]

Quick update – Tues. April 13th, Blakes

Greetings Friends, Many happenings in the world right now: Condoleezza on the hot seat, Justice Scalia apologizes for having some reporters’ tapes confiscated, and I just had some new cement poured in my driveway 🙂 But, as far as the cultural scene in the Bay Area, tomorrow night, I will be DJing with my friend […]

Lost Chance at Royalty – Carnaval King & Queen Competition for San Francisco

Hello Friends, For those of you in the Bay Area (or willing to travel great distances to be here!), our annual Carnaval season is upon us, which means we must crown a new King and Queen. The competition is great fun — for both the audience and participants — the winners get $500 — but must […]

Back to the “Bab”

After missing January, SpinCycle will be back on track doing the first Saturday of the month at the Little Baobab this Sat. night Feb. 7  (10pm – 1:30am), bringing the usual unusual mix of Soukous and Salsa, Merengue and Mapouka, Hip-Hop and Highlife, Punjabi and Punta, Soca and Skista, Dancehall and … (give me a D genre)  and more.  And if […]

El Sotano – Jan. 13th – Blake’s on Telegraph

Greetings Friends, A friend of mine, Noisex, is starting a once-a-month gig at Blake’s on Telegraph featuring Reggaeton, Salsa, Timba, Dancehall, Merengue, … where he and DJ Waltdigz will be spinning from 9:30pm until 2am.  He has organized “El Sotano” (the basement) for those who have been wanting to hear Reggaeton — the latin-reggae-rap style that has raged through Puerto Rico, […]

SpinCycle Events and Update

Greetings Friends, It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I’m going to half to make this quick and brief because I have to send it out right away! A quick update on me — continuing to work away in the corporate world while dreaming of my next big adventure.  But had a little adventure […]

Sawa Sawa is Back – This Sunday Afternoon

Sawa Sawa is back.  Big Day Fete at Oasis 135 12th Street, Oakland, CA Sept. 14, Sunday afternoon, 2-8pm Music provided by SpinCycle and Guest D.J. Wisdom COVER :FREE! FREE! FREE!!!!!  Food available (but not free – sorry). Kids are welcome!  Your Hosts: Jim (AKA SpinCycle) and Steve (AKA Sparky from One World)

SpinCycle in September!

Hello Friends, For those of you wanting a fix of the SpinCycle mix, I’ll be playing at my favorite Senegalese cafe – Little Baobab (click for web page) Date: Thursday, September 4th, 2003 Time: 10pm until 2am – No Cover (and they have great drinks!) Location: 3388 19th Street in the Mission District of San Francisco Cover: 0, […]

SF Carnaval/Carnival is Here!! 3 Fun Recommendations

Hello Friends! First, to all those I owe an email to — just as soon as Carnival* finishes I will start plowing through my much overdue emails. Of course there are a whole slew of events this week for every taste (I wish I could be cloned during Carnival!) — so here are the three […]

Bunda Fest This Saturday

Hi Gang, This is a last minute announcement about a fun party tomorrow (Sat.) at 3pm at El Rio.  I have no excuse for being so late in sending this out — especially since I’m DJing it!  Anyway, it is the Festa da Bunda (Booty Party), which is basically a fun Brazilian thing, with live […]

Week of April 26th – a couple great events.

Greetings friends, The Carnival season is upon us, and there is lots going on! I had intended to send this email out earlier in the week with all the weekend events, but a nasty bout of poison oak has had me under the weather.  Anyway, below are a few events that are happening in the […]

Carnaval Kick-Off Party – May 25, 2001

Hello Friends! It’s been a long time since I used the SpinCycle list–that’s because I’ve been riding a motorcycle across Africa. (See www.moonride.org if you want to know more about that.) Anyway, every year people bemoan that there isn’t a good party to kick-off the San Francisco Carnaval and Oakland Carijama. Well, this year it is happening […]

THE DANCE Party – THIS FRIDAY – Cafe Cocomo

For those of you in the Bay Area (or willing to arrive here by Friday night), my End-of-the-Summer, African-trip-send-off, Latin-Caribbean-Cuban-Brazilian-Funky Dance party is happening this Friday night!! I sincerely hope that EVERYONE on the SpinCycle list will attend. The venue, Cafe Cocomo is big, parking is ample, and we have a few special performances lined […]

Living Legends of Steel Drum and Calypso

One of Trinidad’s greatest stars, David Rudder, will be performing along with two great steel drummers (pannists) — American Andy Narell and Trinidadian Ray Holman, a long-time leader of Starlift (the band with whom I play in de engine room). It want to hear Calypso music at its best, if want to be swept away […]

This weekend and Sept. 22!

Hi Gang,Sorry for being out of touch for so long. Just a heads up on a few things happening on the SpinCycle end.First, tonight, Friday, August 25, La Sonora Poncena will be playing at Roccapulco in San Francisco. Ruben Aponte is directing a dance revue at 10pm which will feature a Rueda performance (led by […]

Carnaval in the Bay Area – THE Party is FRIDAY NIGHT

Hi Friends, In case you didn’t know, San Francisco’s Carnaval is this Sunday, May 28. There is a parade down Mission Street–between 24th and 15th streets which starts at 10am. All of the Bay Area’s various music, dance, and cultural groups will be parading! Then on Monday, Oakland has its own Carnaval-type festival known as Carijama, which begins with […]

Computer Viruses: An ounce of prevention

In the last few days a number of friends sent me an email entitled Joke/Text with something to do with males and females (always a fun topic) and an attached file with the extension .shsMuch as I was tempted, I did not open the file because I realized the potential for a virus. Well, lo […]

Eat More Fish — The Wrong Conclusion

I was just driving home* when I flipped on the radio to 560 am here in the Bay Area, which is a conservative station, to say the least (it’s the one that carries Rush Limbaugh). So, it’s not really up my political alley, but I like to check in all fronts to hear the latest […]

The Cup Game

When I went to Ingre for the unicycle basketball tournament, there were a lot of games and activities going on besides unibball. One of them is the “cup game” — see below. Cup Game at Ingre 2014 from Jim Sowers on Vimeo. I thought this was a French thing, but soon learned that there is […]

SpinCycle Shoe Collection

Read more to see the slideshow of my shoe collection over the years.


Now for the background. I love lights! Like most cavemen, I like staring at fire, or neon lights, or … LEDs on a wheel! Aside from being fun to look it, they really increase your safety when your powering your way around using pedals on roads with giant metal machines powered by gas/diesel/electricity. So, when […]

Colbert has found us out!

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Enemy Within – Unicyclists www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive

BUni unveiled!

When I first starting unicycling a few years back, I noticed the similarity between a unicycle frame and the front fork of a bicycle. I began to wonder how difficult it would be to make a high-quality bike that could convert or disassemble into a high-quality unicycle. I finally approached a friend and master bike […]

N features I’d like to see …

…and can’t believe don’t exist already.  OK, I’m writing this post in the context of bushing up my WordPress skills, but I thought I might as well write about something I have been thinking about for years. There are a few features that are not built into standard spreadsheet and word processing programs (Excel/Word, OpenOffice–and […]

beats by dr. dre – Monster headphones

Short version:I love my new headphones, Studio – beats by dr. dre (from Monster) Long Version:OK, I don’t usually post product reviews, although my friends are always telling me that I should because I’m so anal about comparing features of different products and tracking the latest innovations.  I guess to the extent that I do […]

Great East Bay Tennis Instructor

I have noticed that the ratio of blog posts/online comments giving feedback weighs heavily in favor of the negative. That is, we blog/rant when someone/something/some company has done us wrong. When you’re pissed off, you’re motivated. But alas, we’re not nearly so diligent when it comes to giving praise, at least not to the extent […]

Importing Contacts from Yahoo! into Google

After several years of trying, I was finally able to import my contacts from Yahoo! into Google. When I started a couple of years back, Google would choke on the number of contacts I was trying to import (> 2500) — it would hang, and sputter, and then tell me that some subset of the […]

Mashups, Unicycles, Linux and the Law

First of all, I’m making a special effort to start using my blog as my little diary, at least on some of the social aspects of my life. Not because I think lots of people are going to read it, but because I move in some very interesting, and bizarrely diverse, circles, and I want […]

Nasty Feet

I’ve been pretty lame about posting to my blog. I actually enjoy reading other people’s blogs — it contributes to my already spiraling ADD. (I think the internet has created a pandemic of ADD, esp. Wikipedia’s Random Article button, man I love that! Try it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random ) Anyway, it seems to me fairly obvious that […]

Sierra Nevada "World" Music Festival, World Cup notes, and DANCE VIDEOS

SNWMF Went to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival last weekend which is a bit of a misnomer since it is neither in the Sierra Nevadas (although it used to be) and it is really a reggae festival and a roots reggae festival at that. Yes, they did have an African night at which Baaba […]

SpinCycle on Football (Soccer) as in Copa Mundial

OK, my turn to chime in on the copa mundial. No, I’m not rooting for Brazil. There I said it. It seems to me everyone I know who has been to Brazil, who owns a Brazilian CD, knows a Brazilian, or can find Rio on a map is rooting for Brazil. I guess everyone wants […]

Carnival/Carnaval Weekend in San Francisco

Greetings Friends! Carnival/Carnaval in San Francisco has arrived! If ever there was a time that I wish I could clone myself, now is it! There are so many events happening this weekend, aside from the Parade which is down Mission street on Sunday morning, that I can only list a few. (As for me, much […]

Highs and Lows from Sandy Eggo

Greetings Friends, I’m writing to you from San Diego, where I am spending a few days with my family after the passing of my Grandma — Kay Sallas, who lived to be just shy of 90. (Technically, my Mom is really my aunt, who adopted me when I was 14. Nevertheless, she has been like […]

Bizarre Story

I don’t even know where to start on this one. I have been leading a fairly crazy life for the past few months, actually my entire life has been somewhat crazy, but the past few months have been frenetic. I have been working with an online music company, CalabashMusic.com, while doing some part-time legal work […]

Winter Olympics 2006, etc.

My friends George (Yury) and Susanne invited me to a party at their place to watch the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. Susanne is an olympics fanatic. I didn’t want to pee on their parade, but I did send Yury an interesting article about the non-inclusiveness of the winter games: Where the Rich and […]

Greetings from Kigali, Rwanda! (email to moonride list)

Hi Friends, Just arrived in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Incredible ride through the misty mountains lined with banana trees overlooking tea plantations. Great road, but the usual hazards of dogs, cattle, goats, trucks, and kids. People are a little more reserved than in Uganda, but very curious. There are few tourists in Africa, and […]

A Nice Day for a Protest

I had to come to Washington D.C. on very short notice for business. I took a red-eye — and it truly was a red-eye for me. As I was packing I thought about the cold weather, and the fact that it was the beginning of Black History Month, so I grabbed my bright green-yellow-red Ethiopian […]

Christmas Eve 2005 – Ghana Party!

I spent Christmas Eve at Hollywood Park Casino in L.A. at a big African Xmas Ball– featuring artists from Ghana — Ofori Amponsali & Nana Quame. And from there it was off to an after party with a Ghanaian crew. I wound up DJing, eating spicy hot fish, and watching the sunrise on Christmas morn […]

Your Support Makes a Difference!

SC Office in Sudan! Dear Friends, The Very Short Version —————————— I gave you free entertainment. Now it’s your turn. Please go to http://www.savethechildren.org or http://www.cancer.org and donate money! THANK YOU! The Very Long Version —————————— Many of you have followed the Moonriders since the first trip across South America. Others of you have joined […]

Capetown to Cairo – COMPLETE!

In memory of Jason Martin – Cape to Cairo! Greetings Friends! On my 217th day on the African continent, I arrived in Cairo, Egypt! As I was riding through the desert towards Cairo, I thought, how will I answer to the question people will ask me, “How was your trip?” My answer is, pick an […]

Nubian Desert Nightmare

I think this journal entry will be more enjoyable and informative if you can pull out a map of northern Africa to follow along. In my last journal entry, I was in Atbara, Sudan waiting for the train to take me across the Nubian desert to the small village/port of Wadi Halfa, Sudan at the […]

Waiting in vain for the train – Atbara, Sudan

I am in Atbara, Sudan waiting for the train to Wadi Halfa. This place is even more remote than Gisenyi, Rwanda where I also found an internet cafe. Yesterday, I rode through 200 miles of desert wind and sand to get here. It was unbelievable. I’m suprised my bike still has paint on it. Gotta […]

Did you ever imagine visiting Khartoum, Sudan!?

I never dreamed of it! I really had very little idea of what to expect. Well, before I delve into Khartoum, let me give a couple other snippets of the past few days. The day I sent my last email from Gedaref I tried something called “tumbak” or “soud” for the first time. It is […]

Playlists for Radio Shows in Ethiopia

Playlists – FM 97.1 Ethiopia SpinCycle (Jim Sowers) with DJ Kin Below are the lists of music I played on Ethiopian radio during my visit there. There are only two radio stations, so we had a huge audience and incredible response from people calling into the station. Who knows, maybe I have a future as […]

Baking in Gedaref, Sudan!

This trip just keeps getting wilder! I am writing this in the only Internet cafe in Gedaref, Sudan! You need a big map of Sudan — Gedaref is in the southeast, about 500km from Khartoum. The last week of riding from Addis Ababa to here was the toughest, loneliest piece of riding I have ever […]

Riots in Addis Ababa

Yes, yesterday (Wednesday, 18-April) there were riots in Addis Ababa. I don’t know if it was picked up by the news channels in the States; I didn’t see any mention of it on CNN’s website. First, I’m fine and not in any danger. In a weird kind of way, I have been just missing trouble […]

Notes from Addis Ababa

Village in southern Ethiopia Well, every time I start to write about what has been happening, I get caught up in the details and run out of time (and energy) realizing that there is a whole bunch of other stuff I wanted to cover. So, here are some snippets, each of which has much more […]

Riding to Addis Ababa

Hi Friends! Well, I’ve been in Addis Ababa for a two weeks and in Ethiopia for three weeks now. Forgive me for not sending out this sooner. This is Africa 🙂 So where to start. Ethiopia is like no other place I have visited in Africa. It is different in every way. The people are […]

Greetings from Awasa, Ethiopia!

Date: 27-Mar-2001 (or 18-July-1993 in Ethiopia) Hello Friends! Usually I wait until I reach the capital city to write my journal updates, but since it has been over 3 weeks I thought I had better let you know what was happening. I am writing this in the library in Awasa, Ethiopia which is about 270km […]

Greetings from Awasa, Ethiopia! Jim Sowers Date: 27-Mar-2001 (or 18-July-1993 in Ethiopia) Hello Friends! Usually I wait until I reach the capital city to write my journal updates, but since it has been over 3 weeks I thought I had better let you know what was happening. I am writing this in the library in […]

One month later …

Hi Friends, Sorry for the long delay in updating you. I have had a bevy of emails expressing worry/wonder as to what I have been up to. I realize, especially after some of my road stories, that a long period of silence could cuase some concern. Not to worry, all is fine on my end. […]

Greetings from the Republique Democratique du Congo! (email to moonride list)

Hi Friends! I realize this is the third email in as many weeks. I promise it will be tapering off dramatically after this–I am not a “spammer.” So, I actually writing to you from Gisenyi, Rwanda at the only connected computer in the only Internet cafe in Gisenyi \GEE SEN EE\. Gisenyi is a resort […]

Snippets from Kampala, Uganda

Jim Sowers 2001-01-31 Writing this at Backpackers in Kampala, Uganda — www.backpackers.co.ug If nothing else, you are learning the names of all the capital cities in Africa! I’m afraid that I probably won’t do this journal justice until I return home. I have lost several half-done entries to power failures. Actually, Africa is a lot […]

Notes from Dar es Salaam

Jim Sowers 2001-01-24 In my last entry, I had just arrived in Dar es Salaam. I spent the next few days in Dar wandering around chasing down bike parts, a tailor to fix my jacket, a photo shop to develop a roll of film Dotan had given me, dental floss (I hate not being able […]

Some photos from Malawi/Mozambique

Bridge across Zambezi River (Mozambique) Bridge crossing in Gorangosa, Mozambique A GOOD road in Afica! Termite Hill

Long Update from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Jim Sowers 2001-01-06 Greetings from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Hakuna Matata – which is Swahili for everything is OK. Let me bring you up to speed. This is a very long journal entry because it has been a while, AND because I found a cheap Internet connection. So, if you’re really interested, you may want […]

Holiday Update 2000

Jim Sowers – Blantyre, Malawi Hello Friends, Many of you have sent me concerned emails because it has been so long since I posted an entry. Please don’t worry–I’m fine. Connections to the Internet outside of South Africa are rare, expensive, intermittent, and SLOW. There is so much to write. It is unfortunate that I […]

Photos/Notes from Kwazulu-Natal

Jim in the Kwazulu-Natal Province The new salsa dancers of Duban, South Africa Have to make this quick gang. Here are some photos of my friends in Durban, as well as Adam and Dotan, the Israelis I have hooked up with. The first is at a “braai” \BRI\, a barbeque party at Fay and Francois’ […]

Dotan and Adam — the Israeli adventurers

Jim 2000-Dec-04 Dotan Ram and Adam Shani Meet Dotan and Adam. As I mentioned in the earlier journal entry, I met these guys in Coffee Bay and convinced them to let me tag along. We have now spent over a week together and it has turned out really great. Dotan is a 27 year-old farmer […]

ZigZagging South Africa

Jim in Durban, South Africa Hi Friends, First, I got word from Steph that she is safely back in Switzerland. I can tell you now that the website updates are going to become less frequent (and will not feature photos until after the trip–sorry, I’ll try to be entertaining.) Connections are getting hard to come […]

Greetings from Kwazulu-Natal

Jim – in the Northern Drakensberg, Kwazulu-Natal Well, in my last journal entry, which I wrote just about 10 hours ago, I predicted I would be offline for awhile, but low and behold, the “Amphitheater Backpacker” has a computer and modem! I’m high in the Drackenberg mountain region of the Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa. […]

Report from Kruger Park

Jim – still in Pretoria Well friends, this trip has definitely had its share of setbacks. But alas, things are looking up. Whenever I get a bit down, I email my old buddy Bobby Wallace and he sends me an uplifting message along with some lyrics from a Soca tune from Trinidad and I brighten […]

For Everything There is a Reason

Jim Sowers – Pretoria, South Africa I’ve got to write fast, because I’m on a slow, unreliable connection in a little ‘backpacker’ [hostel] called the North-South located in Pretoria. Here’s the very quick update. Steph was starting to feel ill again at the end of the Cave tour we took on Thursday–it was pretty strenuous. […]

Down the Garden Route

I’m writing this at about 8pm in the only Internet cafe I could find in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Today is Friday. Yesterday, Steph and I decided to spend an extra day at the Fairy Knowe (Little Hill) backpacker since, just an hour away was a fantastic attraction — the Cango Caves. So, we make […]


Well, this entry has to be quick, because there is a line waiting for the lone computer here at the Fairy Knowe Backpacker (Hostel) in Wilderness, South Africa. (Yes, the name of the village is Wildnerness). Steph has conquered the intestinal bug that had her down for over a week, and we made our exit […]

Flexibility is the Watchword of Adventure Travelling

Jim Well, by now you are no doubt wondering why there aren’t reports and photos from somewhere other than Cape Town! So here is a brief update on the situation. First there was the SNAFU with our bikes. It took us from start to finish, 13 days to get our bikes through customs with the […]

Cape of Good Hope Excursion

Well, we finally got our bikes, but now that we had conquered (more or less) the bureaucrats, the bacteria struck back. Steph caught a bug that has been going around, nothing major, but it had her making frequent trips to the bathroom and a bit weak. So, with Steph’s blessing, I headed south to the […]

In Search of Music

In search of Music (11/02/00) jim While Steph rounded up her motorcycle, I decided to check out the music scene in Cape Town. I headed downtown. On Long street, famous for its club scene at night, I found The African Music Store (see photo) where I met Mark, the owner, and Pisce. The were great […]

Taking Advantage of Cape Town

by stephanie We decided to at least see what Cape Town has to offer and go check out “Table Mountain”. This is a mountain range just behind Cape Town with walking trails and a great view of the town, surrounding villages, and Atlantic Ocean. After a quick ride up in the trams, there are a […]

Forget the Animals — It’s the Bureacracy that will Kill You

So, after spending a nice Sunday at Robben Island, we were ready to get our bikes and get on the road as soon as possible. On Monday, Oct. 23, we each contacted our respective shipping agents to get the process of clearing our bikes through customs going. We soon learned that we had some unexpected […]

Steph’s Adventures

by Stephanie Monday: Most of the day was spent at the hairdressers getting my hair braided. As I stayed there for seven hours, I heard a lot of stories and pretty much got a sense of how people interact amongst each other here. Between Rosie and the two other women, one a refugee, we talked […]

Sunday in Cape Town – Robben Island

(Photo: Stephanie, Bukiwe Sofute, and Jim in the prison yard on Robben Island) Barney yelled up to our room at 9:10am and we both leaped out of bed. We were going to miss the boat to Robben Island if we didn’t hurry. Steph was exhausted from her trip the day before, and my sleep cycle […]

Steph arrives — the Moonride team is complete

(Photo – Stephanie getting her first-ever braids — flashbacks of “10”) Stephanie landed in Cape Town today. I met in her in a shuttle that was significantly cheaper than the cab I took the previous day. The weather was glorious, hot, sunny, with the slightest breeze. We immediately started rattling off what we had brought, […]

Jim lands in Cape Town , South Africa

(Photo – Jim and his KLR 650 crated for the trip–thanks to Gary Rubenstein) Well, I have arrived to the African continent, cradle of mankind (and of the origins of so much music and dance that dominates my cultural life!) I thought about the Americas ride, and about Jay. We finally made it buddy. I […]

Greetings from Nairobi (email to moonride list)

Jim Sowers 2001-01-20Hello Friends! We may have a few more photos soon. I have sent a few photos from Mozambique and Malawi to my webmaster so they should be up soon. Also, a very nice guy from England shot some video of me and put it on the web. It is in Malawi, but it […]

Moonride – Chillin’ in Ushuaia – Part II

Day 74 – Tuesday, January 14, 1997Ushuaia, Argentina, Providencia Tierra del Fuego 11:30 am Interviewed about Riding to the Moon trip on 94.1 FM del Sur by Klaudia Gutierrez. Everyone is now primed for the rest of the Moonriders to arrive and complete the trip! She is really cool and also has a music show […]

Moonride – Chillin’ at the Tip of the World! ("Fin del Mundo")

Day 73 – Monday, January 13, 1997 Ushuaia, Argentina, Providencia Tierra del Fuego 10am Go to Las Hayas where I am received very kindly and given as good a hotel room as I have seen anywhere. Thank you Belen Zubieta. 11am By pure chance I run into the Don Guido CyberCafe, owned by Florencia Jorgelina […]

Moonride – Jim Reaches Ushuaia

“Fin del Mundo” – The Edge of the World Day 72 – Sunday, January 12, 1997 Rio Gallegos to Ushuaia, Argentina,Providencia Tierra del Fuego! Miles – 365 (Kilometers – 588)** Five-day total: 2405 miles (3872 kilometers) A Brief Overview of the Road: Miles 0-10 pavement 10-44 ripio 44-45 cement Exit Argentina (paperwork) Enter Chile (more […]

Moonride – Dolavon to Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Day 71 – Saturday, January 11, 1997 Dolavon to Rio Gallegos, Argentina Miles – 751 (Kilometers – 1209)*This is the one-day record for the Moonriders. Boys, you are welcome to go after this one. Start at 6:30am after humid, mosquito-bitten, restless night. Massive Wind 250 miles – arrive Comodoro Rivadavia. Intend to stay 1 hour, […]

Moonride – Across the Argentine Desert

Day 70 – Friday, January 10, 1997 San Carlos de Bariloche to Dolavon, Argentina Miles – 546 (Kilometers – 879) The Day of Wind and Desert Started off buying fruit and asking for directions out of town. I have yet to meet an Argentinian who can give directions. No offense, but I have travelled 13,000+ […]

Moonride – Jim – Villarica, Chile to San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Day 69, Thursday, January 9, 1997 Villarica, Chile to San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina Miles – 257 (Kilometers – 414) My first entire day riding alone. Started the day with a little pan (bread) and cafe with Dalila, the owner of the Balboa. Got on the road a bit late, 10:30. The drive from Villarica […]

Moonride – Jim Rides Solo – Santiago to Villarica, Chile

Day 68 – Wednesday, January 8, 1997 Santiago to Villarica, Chile Miles – 486 (Kilometers – 782) Finally I left Santiago — and a little late at that. By the time I met Dave and Leanne at their Hostal it was 10:30. Traffic exiting Santiago was a little hectic, and frankly, one thing I would […]

Jim and Jay – Relaxing in Santiago

Days 66-67 Monday and Tuesday, January 6-7, 1997 Santiago, Chile Leaving Santiago, Chile was difficult to do for two reasons. First, I was staying with some very wonderful people, the Arrietas family — Matias, and Maria de los Angeles and their children, Benjamin, Matias, Maria de los Angeles and Josefina. They were feeding me 3 […]

Vina del Mar to Santiago, Chile (the Vita Cura district)

Day 62 – Thursday, January 2, 1997 Vina del Mar to Santiago, Chile (the Vita Cura district) Miles – 93 Jay and I reach Santiago where we are met by Matias, his wife, Maria de Los Angeles, and their four children. The first thing we learned from Matias was that he has a brother living […]


Day 61 – Wednesday, January 1, 1997 Vina del Mar, Chile (by Jason Martin) The first day of 1997 began on agood note, we slept in till noon. The holidaying city streets of Vina were loaded with people, it was a chore just making our way down the sidewalk. It was a strange sight because […]

Moonride – Vina del Mar to Valparaiso to Vina del Mar – New Year’s in Chile

Day 60 – Tuesday, December 31, 1996Miles – insignificantly small (by Jason Martin) The last day of 96 was spent doing laundry, a highly overdue task to say the least (I dont want to alarm you, but last time I did laundry was Panama). Neighboring “Valperaiso” turned out to be a geographical, motorcycle navigating nightmare, […]