Dear Friends,
I’m back in the USA after a return trip almost as epic as my Africa adventures:
  • Arrived at Cape Town airport 3 hours before flight (3pm, Tues. April 3)
  • 9-hour flight to Dubai
  • 3-hour layover in Dubai
  • 16-hour flight from Dubai to Los Angeles
  • 2 hours to clear immigration, customs, and get a rental car (4pm Wed. April 4)
  • 2.5 hours in LA rush hour traffic to get to my brother’s house in Laguna Niguel (Orange County)
= 35.5 hours.

Next morning, drive back to LAX, turn in rental car, fly to SFO, arrived at 5pm!

Being back in the Bay Area, and the US, is great — time spent in Africa reminds me of both the good things, and the bad, about life in US.

I apologize for stopping my updates. At some point it got to be too much, and I just wanted to live it and report on it later.

I will be working on some photo and video highlights as well as some write ups.

Thanks to everyone for your support — even though I couldn’t respond, I really loved receiving your comments and emails which lifted me through some of the tougher moments.  I have to say, I know I was lucky, but I’m still proud that I managed to log 10,000 miles on a motorcycle on Africa roads of all types without crashing or dropping the motorcycle once (for the sake of my family’s sanity, I did not report the crazy close calls I had).

Lastly, Africa is an amazing place. It is changing rapidly, and in my humble opinion, not all for the good. Nevertheless, if you can, go there once in your lifetime — and if you can’t, I hope that my missives (and hopefully what I will write up) with serve as a vicarious experience.

Warmest Regards,


3 thoughts on “Back!”

  1. dear jim, we are coming to san francisco area the 4th of july weekend. we would like to get in touch with you. enjoyed reading your trip experiences. let us know if you are available. Judson and Janice Keltz

  2. thanks Jimbo…..truely a great achievement really. Catching up with Adam when he was here and reading your updates make me miss the land of Africa. Makes me want to go back and do a good trip one year again.

  3. Another amazing adventure for you and another knocked off your bucket list! Glad you arrived home safely! What’s next?

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